A rare and charismatic eagle has returned to the state of Maine. And yet in this meditation on the oddities of birdwatching, I more enjoyed a gull working the waves at sea.
The Real Meaning of Groundhog Day: A celebration of light, enlightenment and procreation (not necessarily among groundhogs).
Our inaugural chat about benefits for Chasing Nature's paid subscribers (and my photo of a Yellow-breasted Chat).
One of the most spectacular places on earth, the Grand Canyon, is cruel to writers. So when words fail, I instead bring you an insect and its tiny…
Although it is hardly my intent, this winter bud might evoke for you the sensuality of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. It is, after all, what botanists…
Now more than ever, especially as I try to stop the world from spinning so fast, I find solace among the prosaic. This week’s WTF features wild things…
Although the Secret Service kicked me out of her private meeting, I got my interview with Hillary Clinton. You asked, so here's the inside story.
A digest of dispatches to close out 2022: 1) an essay on journalism, nature and the Substack community; 2) a sedge, a fraud and a butterfly; 3) new…
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