Wild Things Flying, Fornicating, Feeding, Flirting, Flowering or Flashing. A provocative or evocative image from nature and a short explainer (that may wander to human nature as well).

Tiny butterflies and immense joy on the wing.
Sexual identity and fluidity in maple flowers — now on display across much of the eastern United States
Although it is hardly my intent, this winter bud might evoke for you the sensuality of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. It is, after all, what botanists…
Now more than ever, especially as I try to stop the world from spinning so fast, I find solace among the prosaic. This week’s WTF features wild things…
We close 2022 with fraud. This WTF is a Wild Thing Faking. Not a flower, at least not one you might expect, this is a sedge in the genus Rhynchospora…
Snow Geese make a ruckus on Lake Champlain in New York.
This is a gull. Not a “seagull” because gulls fly nearly anywhere, including garbage dumps, parking lots, farm fields and not too far from the earth’s…
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