A symbol for a nation as carrion? Or a rightful and imperfect sign of spring?
Lecture Two in our Online Seminar: Buttons, Dials and Menus
Tiny butterflies and immense joy on the wing.
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February 2023

Sexual identity and fluidity in maple flowers — now on display across much of the eastern United States
From lifeless insects on pins, lessons for the living. But are we worthy?
New for Chasing Nature's paying subscribers, an online course for any of you with an ordinary point-and-shoot camera or phone.
A rare and charismatic eagle has returned to the state of Maine. And yet in this meditation on the oddities of birdwatching, I more enjoyed a gull…
The Real Meaning of Groundhog Day: A celebration of light, enlightenment and procreation (not necessarily among groundhogs).

January 2023

Our inaugural chat about benefits for Chasing Nature's paid subscribers (and my photo of a Yellow-breasted Chat).
One of the most spectacular places on earth, the Grand Canyon, is cruel to writers. So when words fail, I instead bring you an insect and its tiny…
Although it is hardly my intent, this winter bud might evoke for you the sensuality of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. It is, after all, what botanists…